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byImariog, November 2, 2012
VideoWhisper conference
There are two positive things in this program. It works (sometimes, depend of your host), and doesnt look very expensive.

And there are a long list of negative things:

- Documentation is very poor and the forum is permanently close (you can imagine why).

- The VideoWhisper support is the worst ever. Speak with them is like speak with a wall. Try it yourself, maybe is better if you ask in romanian lenguage?.

- If you need to adapt the program to your Joomla webpage (and you will need because the layout is quite agly), without documentation, forum and support, you must begin for read the source code.
Forget to change anything if you dont have Joomla and Php skills. And even when you are a expert, you will have dificults to change basic things.

- If you need more customizacion you have to pay (yes, it is the bussiness). For example: to remove the startup messages (from VideoWhisper firm) it cost $500. If you ask them to custom application, the money begin to run (but the standar of service is maybe the same).

- The program use there own video player. It is a secret flash encripted file. It is permanently connected to the VideoWhispers servers to control if you bought the licence. The point is, what kind of control they collect over your webpage, your videos, rtmp address?. I dont know if they use this information, but to know external rtmp is very interesting (specially, because they offer hosting services).

You can try the free version, but I dont recommend anybody to buy this program.