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byImlianot, March 27, 2012
Image Pro
I use all zoolanders extension pack and i found a very good post and pre sales helpdesk.

They solve my problem in 2-3 days when are very "complex" in day for easy problem.

They implement new future like [username]|[userid] for folder, so now all of your user can just manage their's files/images and you don't need to be upload all in 1 folder... {check also your WYSIWYG configuration}
byImlianot, May 25, 2010
What i can say about zoo?
It's free to try
It's free to lear (a very good docs)
It's easy to use
It's easy to implement

It's easy...

sorry for my bad english

For work i search software for my client.
I test it in all part and i make report.

For Zoo i do the same for myself and this is my "short version" of report:

YooTheme Report:
- customer care : Very Good. Forum
- Documentation : Very Good. (just link up)
- Implementation during application life : Lot of wish are implemented.
- Staff : Amazing.

Application Report:
- Use very easy
You don't need to know php for easy implementation.
You need to know how to use google to advanced implementation.
- Good FrameWork
Just modify all time 3 files for all.
Also in xml file it's easy to understud what do (and are explan ALL in docs).