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JoomLine mp3 player
Well done! I got it working in a few minutes. I had to make one adjustment and hard code my subdirectory of choice into the standalone.php file. FINALLY a free NON-FLASH music player! Thank you!
byInBetween, January 3, 2012
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Spearhead Facebook Like Button
It does what it says it will do and is easily configurable. The Show faces function doesn't appear to work but that's not a deal killer for me. I was so frustrated in trying to find a simple Facebook Like module for 1.7 that I'm giving this a perfect score anyway.
byInBetween, January 3, 2012
Facebook The Like Box In The Article
It works but I couldn't figure out how to disable it from being on EVERY Article and documentation was poor. There appear to be Exclusion fields but I couldn't get them to work. A little more work and this could be a good module.