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byIndaba, January 18, 2012
Not only is this product high quality and easily worth the price but the support is beyond fantastic. Not only does this product do all that it says (and better than other extensions) but it is easy to work with to customize.

Support is top notch. I am so happy with this product on all levels I find myself looking for ways to use their other products. Highly recommend!
byIndaba, January 9, 2012
ARI Easy Slider
I spent a fair amount of time slogging through reading/downloading/testing other modules that were supposed to show articles only to find out the vast majority will serve up the content in a variety of ways but not actually show the article. However, all I wanted to show were the articles that I had already spent the time putting in custom elements.

This modules was easy, clean and very customizable (even the css). At $15 it is a steal just in the time I could have saved if I had used this one first rather then digging through the free options.

Thanks for the solid work and for providing a module that actually does what the title indicates.
byIndaba, December 11, 2011
This extension does exactly what it says without issues. Installed on a 1.7 site and was up and running is about a minute. Includes extras like an editor button that makes it very easy. There are also a number of basic style parameters you can adjust right in the plugin before even needing to go into the CSS (but you can if you want to).

The examples on the demo site walk you through a variety of uses.

Overall, took about 15 min to install, figure out how to use and and get things looking exactly how I want on my site. No doubt about it this is my go to extension for tooltips.
byIndaba, October 10, 2008
All I needed for my site was a simple clean way to pull in Youtube videos. This plugin was just that. It took less time to install and setup then it did to read all of the reviews.

Thanks for making a plugin that was not overly complicated and did what was needed well the first time.