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byIngynius, July 18, 2014
I first purchased DJ-Classifieds last year and while it was a pretty decent component back then, the latest release has been fantastic and has left few features undone. It's easy to set-up, provides sufficient modules and plugins for customization, and has a fairly intuitive UI frontend and back (only area I think could use a little improvement - in terms of ease of use both in the category configuration, table view, and in the search module - is in adding extra fields, but I'm super happy that this option is available at all...this isn't really meant as a criticism, but more of a wink,wink-hint,hint to the developers...I've been remiss in posting it as a suggestion, but will do so soon to hopefully get it on their list). The price is very fair for the number of features and their level of support via helpdesk. They've always responded within the 48hrs they posted on the site - often within 24hrs - and have a solution within another 24-48hrs max depending on the complexity/urgency. While everyone would love "instant" support, this is extremely reasonable given the industry standard for cost-effective open source extensions and I'm very satisfied with it. Moreover, I get definitive solutions to my issues rather than the vague, "hope it works" type - and every solution has worked beautifully.
Keep up the great work, "DJ"! :D
byIngynius, June 19, 2014
Custom CSS
I know my way around CSS and Joomla, but I'm still quite a novice by most standards and this module worked flawlessly - first try - and it solved a HUGE headache that's plagued me for some time now. Also, I used it on a custom template without any conflicts.

The only thing I had to adjust was my previous attempt at inline html within the module I was trying to style; once I cleared the messy inline html, the result was exactly what I wanted.

This is only my second review on JED, but I had to say: KUDOS! The developer(s) deserve a HUGE thank you for saving me headaches and precious time! :D