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byInnerFlash, October 28, 2006
Before any criticism, I would like to congratulate the ones behind this one, because it really ads the WOW factor to any site... Cheers there!!!

But as asgard said in comment 19:

"It's also implied that individual videos can have their size etc changed through the plugins parameters, but nowhere can I find these parameters actually listed! Fix this docs problem and the plugin would be awesome."

Could not agree more... I have googled all over the place and can't find a single trace or comment of where one actually sets the parameters to resize the videos - for one. Because of that one, this plug-in is nearly useless to me. The default size is just too big for my layout. In admin, I just can't figure how to get to it. I CHMODed the whole thing, and still can't get access to "edit" it.

Would request some support, but as it's a review, better keep my mouth shut and hope Fotis Evangelou notices this post... ;-)