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byInnocence, April 29, 2013
Administration Brand Remover
Install and works in no time and with no problems. It does what it promises easily and I love the CSS customizing option it has, making possible to alter the design anyway I want. Thank you very much to the developer!
byInnocence, April 20, 2013
I came back here just to rate this perfect extension. Installed and working in no time, with a great responde time to every search query and very good CSS styling. Thank you!
byInnocence, April 7, 2013
QR Codes Local 2.5
I just want to thank the developer of this simple and effective extension. Installed and working in a second, with no problems at all. I like the idea of generating the code locally very much. Thanks, great work :)
byInnocence, December 13, 2012
OSE Drag and Drop
Installed, published and a little configuring without problems. To all users: Please pay attention to include components and jQuery in the plugin settings!
Saved me a lot of time. Could be a little easier to set up, but it does the work as expected ;) Many thanks to the developer!
byInnocence, November 22, 2012
Simple RSS Feed Reader
This was the one RSS reader that retrieved (and resized) feeds images correctly. Just customize CSS and you´re done with a great improvement for any site! Thanks to the developer. Great work.
byInnocence, November 14, 2012
Show Control Panel
I use it en every Joomla! site I build. It´s a great and useful way to access back to root of administration.
A "Home" link that is always there. You may need it much! Thanks to the developer for this ;)
byInnocence, August 26, 2012
Fun Supersized
After spending hours coding "manually" with no success, test this great module and got perfect results! No js conflict, no bugs, no missing functions. Just worked as expected. Thanks so much to the developers for this very great and effective module.
Facebook Article Bar
Simply perfect plugin. It´s like the author knows exactly what all of us need as Joomla! developers. A really time saver that suits perfect into any Joomla! installation. Thanks so much!
byInnocence, December 26, 2011
Login Failed Log
Installed and working in minutes in my 1.5 installation. Works perfectly. I´ll start to use it in all my Joomla! sites. Thanks to the developer for this great plugin!
byInnocence, September 12, 2011
Vip Quotes
After trying many other quotes components and modules, this is exactly the one is needed to get the job done. Intuitive, simple, easy to install and manage.
Many thanks to the developer!
byInnocence, July 5, 2011
ARI Ext Menu
After trying other menu modules, I have to say this is by far the best. Lightweight, easy to install, highly customizable, and totally compatible with other Joomla! extensions and web browsers. The best option to go. Thanks to the developers for the great and free J! stuff provided!
byInnocence, June 25, 2011
Sot K2 Thumbnail slide
I can´t understand why there is not any review or thank message to this excellent module. Installed and configured in a minute! Works like a charm, it´s fast, nice, makes no conflict with any other module or script.
Thanks very much to the developer/s of this. Greetings from Argentina.-
byInnocence, June 12, 2011
We all know there are no perfect methods for web content protection. But I´ve tried all the plugins and methods, and I have to say it is the best I´ve found. The most complete, also effective. Thanks to the developers ;)
AL Facebook Comments Box
I have to say thanks to the developer for this quick and great plugin. It was installed and configured in minutes. Support from developer was almost in real-time!
It would be perfect if facebook could notify the admin about new comments.
byInnocence, May 7, 2011
Newsletter Subscriber
Simple, fast, efficient, customizable. Thanks so much to the developer/s of this simple but great module. I would LOVE to see an ajax-powered version of it!
byInnocence, January 19, 2011
Component Content Control
This is the kind of extensions I love. I needed to restrict one of two books I have with FlippingBook component. This plugin did the job with ease. Thanks so much!
byInnocence, January 13, 2010
Simply PERFECT !
It makes the work MUCH easier for both pros and newbies Joomla! admins.
Thanks so much for this plugin.
byInnocence, January 5, 2010
Very good extension. VERY easy to use ! Thanks.
byInnocence, January 4, 2010
I created an account here just to say thanks. It´s an excellent plugin. It does what it says, no errors, no complications at all.
It´s perfect in combination with RokBox libraries !