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byInsatantFrontPage, September 18, 2010
Multi Sites
Wow - I have just found exactly what I needed with Joomla Multi-Site (JMS). I could not get past what was inevitably going to be a nightmare as I have grown in my site building to a point where even just the new version updating would have taken me days.

After finding JMS I was skeptical but went ahead hoping for the best. Wow was I surprised! Not only did JMS make it possible to produce hundreds of Joomla sites with just a single install, it did it in such a way that we were able to build 400 sites in a single day.

I originally wanted a multi-site solution for maintenance issues going forward but found not only a solution for that but also found a solution that drastically reduces the time I now spend building profitable sites not to mention the additional benefit of the space it saves on the servers.

If you are growing and have found the need to have multiple sites this is your solution. I wish I would have found it before I started my second site.

Support has also been top level.Edwin knows his stuff and is constantly adding new things to make this solution even better!