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byIntelics, December 6, 2012
Thank you for a great FREE plugin that does what it says it does. Easy to install, easy to configure. Awesome.
byIntelics, September 30, 2012
The descriptive text states "PBEvents allows you to start using your Joomla! web site as a platform for organising group events, seminars, workshops, and training."

NOT AT ALL! This is more like an appointment scheduler for a doctor's office... a task that I'm sure it does very well. But as far as scheduling events and allowing users to register for classes and training...? No I just don't see it. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but it should not be that hard.
Owner's reply

Hi Intelics,

That sounds surprising as we are using this extension on our clinic web site specifically for registration for attendance at seminars and workshops.

You may have possibly downloaded the wrong product? I also have an extension on my website that does provide online booking / scheduling for doctors offices and other clinics. It has a similar name to PBEvents.

If it was the right product it would be great if you could email me directly ( with where you feel this was weak and I can look at addressing it in a future version so that everyone can benefit?


byIntelics, September 18, 2012
I was setting up a new laptop to replace the one that met with an untimely death, who's hard drive was obliterated. While trying to replace all my purchased Joomla extensions, I was up to "Docman" and could not remember the password. I tried several times to retrieve it but no response. So I logged in to the repository and found this one.

Free, no login to download, extremely easy to install and use, works exceptionally well, lets me have catetories for public, author, etc... just upload the files to a folder, WOW how easy is that?

I just wonder what these folks are getting out of all this... I mean, they don't even ask for an EMAIL address to get the component and all the plugins & modules. They must be independently wealthy!

Thanks for such a great component, you have saved my life.
byIntelics, January 25, 2012
I have to say, after working with Joomla extensions for several years, this is one of the most powerful extensions I've ever used.

VERY easy to set up, and three different ways to create forms.

The customer service is incredible. Even before I purchased the commercial version, I got huge help and support with the free version. Markus especially is very responsive and willing to help you apply this to your particular needs.

The Content Builder component, which is currently free, is great for displaying the results of your forms. It takes a little time to wrap your head around it, but well worth the learning curve. The results are outstanding.

I was using RS!FormsPro paid version, which doesn't even come close to the power of BreezingForms + ContentBuilder, even though they are similarly priced.

Huge difference though is that when you buy RS!FormsPro you have to register one site to use it on, unless you buy an "unlimited" version for a great deal more money.

BreezingForms lets you use their product on unlimited sites, and that's a huge savings over the other package.

The biggest reason I purchased another forms package after already spending money on RSFormsPro is the ability for users to edit their submitted form data using ContentBuilder. This alone puts BreezingForms lightyears ahead of the other.

I highly recommend this product, don't waste your time with any other forum builder or CCK.
byIntelics, December 10, 2011
RSform Pro
I like this tool... it creates very nice looking forms quite easily...


The mechanism for allowing users to view their forms is quite complicated, and you have to be able to figure out their coding system.

Also, what makes this an "average" component instead of a "good" or "excellent" one, is the fact that once a form is submitted, users cannot edit or delete their entries. They can submit forms as often as they like, but no way to change or delete what they have submitted.

Administrators can edit and delete from the back end, so it would seem a simple matter to extend this functionality to users.

They do allow mapping to a mysql database, so if you know php and mysql you can write your own system of reporting, but then again you would probably be able to write your own form system as well.

When the developers allow users to edit their data, it will be a great tool. Until then, it is simply priced too high and not really usable for most users for anything but sending information to the site admin.
Owner's reply

Hello David L,

Unfortunately, RSForm! Pro does not state anywhere in the docs/product page/JED page/any other article that users could edit or delete their own submissions. This can be done using some scripting, but it would require strong PHP knowledge. It's simply not built in for the time being, however users will be happy to know that we're working on getting this done as soon as possible, along with some new requested features.

We're sorry that you find it priced too high after you've bought it at a 50% Black Friday discount (a total of 9 euros, which you were extremely happy with, we won't quote your exact words due to our Privacy Policy), and especially after we've answered six support requests from you (one of which was a presale where you did not mention your requirements to edit/delete data from the frontend). We hope you're happy with the new product you've bought and we sincerely hope the 3-star review has no connection with the 5-star one you gave to our competitor...