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Isthmus Cali

I do understand some of the bad reviews below, but ultimately even the free version is a piece of art.

And while you have to pay for support (which is understandable, we all need to make a living) I still found it fairly easy to use once I gave it a go.

The features are top shelf and the whole extension, back-end and front-end, is very polished and professional.

The documentation is good, but quite brief and requires advanced knowledge to understand.

I'd still recommend it over comparable extensions though just because of how well it works once you know how you use it.
byIsthmus Cali, May 7, 2012
Content Templater
Perfect for setting up Category Blogs for non-technical users.

On our site we have lists of completed projects that are filled out by miners in the field.

With Content Templater, all they have to do is select our Project Template and all the settings and article layout is done for them.

This has saved me countless hours of work, not to mention drastically reducing the amount of training documentation!

Thanks Peter for putting so much time and effort into not just this extension, but all your extensions.
byIsthmus Cali, May 7, 2012
Akeeba Backup
With lots of website contributors in my workplace, a solid backup/restore extension was needed to move content between our development server and live web server.

Combined with the Akeeba Kickstart script, Akeeba Backup was perfect for this. As a beginner to Joomla, the support documentation was easy to understand and very professional.

Backups and restores are done in minutes rather then hours; which is highly appreciated when you are a support tech.

Anything less then five stars doesn't do this extension justice. Thanks to the developer for putting so much time and effort into this wonderful product.