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byJDevOnline, October 29, 2009
I like K2 presentation of content very much, it has some great features like:

1. Extra-fields gives you perfect control over your content.

2. Control over how the content boxes be displayed.

3. Multiple level of categories.

However, 2 things desperately needed by are missing in K2 are:

1. X-Map extension

2. Advanced search module, which which user can search all the fields, SPECIALLY the extra fields added.

Thanks for FREE distribution of such a great extension!
Owner's reply

1. Actually an Xmap plugin for K2 already exists. Google it and you'll find 2 of them ;)
2. K2 offers integration with Joomla!'s search (show K2 itesm show up on your "site wide" search) plus it offers a module to only search K2 content. It's on our plans to create a more sophisticated search engine view for K2, fully configurable. And it's coming soon! :)

Thank you for your kind words!