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byJED_Reviewer, July 3, 2010
Account Expiration Control
When I saw the rating that AEC was at (3 stars ?!) I was floored. First of all, this used to be a 4+ star with 100-200 ratings before they changed the name of the component as I recall. You now have people trying to install the free component which is beyond their capabilities - well beyond I feel. I don't think people respect this FREE component for what it is capable of. There is no other component out there that comes near the amount of included options.

That all being said, to get the most out of this extension you should expect to pay for support. Especially when involving complicated configurations - just common sense.

Maybe they should make it commercial so people don't get mad that they can't handle a more advanced component than they're accustomed to and give it a bad rating.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the flowers, but I will have to correct you here - Our reviews got deleted because we DID switch to commercial.

I would further say that you don't need to expect to pay for support, but for some configurations, it won't hurt.

Let's put it this way: AEC can be complicated and if you want to prevent a headache, there is a cost for that - our support. Some of the bad reviews in here do stem from people just getting frustrated with the software and then blame us for offering support. The upcoming manual and mandatory base support for fresh AEC users will hopefully make up for most of this ;-)

Anyways - thanks!

byJED_Reviewer, April 16, 2010
The great thing about BreezingForms is the wide range of functions I can use it for. Obviously the basic form abilities with ease of use but can it also add paypal submit buttons which add values from specific fields on the form? Yes it can. Can the paypal be attributed to a file to download after purchase? Yes it can. I like to plug-in forms with only paypal submit buttons throughout my site to control purchases without a major ecommerce component.

I have yet to contact support simply because I have lacked the need to, but I have accessed the crosstec forums for tips/tricks and overall usability.

I will be using this extension for multiple sites in the future thereby outweighing the small investment.