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Akeeba Backup
Wow, I'm so pleased! I'm a newbie at this, but Joomlapack/Kickstart allowed me to actually deploy my new joomla site from my local disk to my web server successfully!

It was a bit tricky to figure out how, but basically here is how I did it: with Joomlapack installed on my local copy, I created a backup file of my site.

Then, I installed Kickstart file on my server (you need to download this separately from Joomlapack and upload it to your root directory) as well as the archive file generated by Joomlapack (extension is .jpa). You then browse to the kickstart.php file, and this starts the wizard that will unpack your archive and restore your site.

You don't need to have Joomla already installed on your server to do this. It was a bit tricky with regards to creating the mysql database though; basically, you have to create the database beforehand as well as a database user that you will assign to the database (my web host uses CPanel, and it was not clear how I needed to assign the user to the database, so read your CPanel instructions carefully).

Excellent tool, was the only way I found that worked to deploy my site (had tried manually and ran into all kinds of problems).