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byJHQ, August 1, 2008
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Just for the record I've been working with VM for a few years, and one of the reasons that I use it is because it can be modified for other things other than just a shopping cart. A catalog or a city guide etc. I just love it..

There it is.

Now on the other side, it's not perfect.
Some things that I find fault with; have to do with the silliest annoyances, such as clients thinking they could pull off using VM on a cheapo oversold shared hosting account. If you plan on using VM with SEF/SEO components (a must!) than think about upgrading your server to at-least a semi dedicated server... period -- shop around.

Also, you must use the 1.1 or better version, anything less and you would be just cheating yourself. If you are that guy or gal--using something older; you need to update now!!

If not for the security updates (that are maintained quickly, unlike x, zen or oscommmerce) but for the extra features and performance gains that seem to get better with each update.

Otherwise, While I like some of the other carts available.. I'm betting on VM over some of these newer and fancier systems that cost my clients 3-5x as much in development costs.

In an nutshell, VM works out of the box with features comparable, if not better than other carts... and better yet its built on Joomla! 1.x and 1.5.

Right now, I have a client that wants to do a streaming pay per video app... yep there's VM. God bless, (or praise whomever) I can pay my rent this month.

But, be realistic.
with the new auto update feature that has have been implemented in 1.2? (please check) any custom jobs may require a developers touch.

whatever. donate or be cursed to failure.

I have, and will drink less coffee next time.

Best Regards

P.S If you decide to take advantage of the free help that is often offered in the forums:

It would help to mention:
what version of joomla
version of os - win or linux
version of VM