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byJMSolo, April 16, 2013
I have tried various calendars throughout the past couple of years and once I tried DPCalendar I was pleased to find that I no longer had to search for the right one. My site runs a great deal of components and relies on JomSocial for event creation and handling. Anyone running JomSocial and showcasing many events would understand that getting a calendar to work simultaneously is.. if not impossible to come by.. a pain to configure.

DPCalendar has taken all the worry out of the process. Importing events is as simple as a click! A little bit of adjusting is needed once imported.. but well worth it as.. well, there just aren't any others!

Support is top notch and fast to respond. They really do a great job at communicating and even offer up friendly advice on issues that occur.

I am very pleased with their software and look forward to converting my site over to 3 once the LTS is released.

I can honestly say, you WILL NOT find this type of component anywhere on the market. It's not settling for the only one with functionality you need utilized... it's settling for the best. With this, I highly recommend this to anyone needing this type of component.

Thanks Digital-Peak, you guys rock!
Owner's reply

With version 3.1 every part of DPCalendar will be fully responsive. How sounds that!!!

byJMSolo, December 5, 2012
The extension itself is fantastic.. Had to play around inside of .js files to remove menu functionality but that wasn't too bad. I do have one question however for the developers of the plugin.

How can I go about removing the linkback logo to longtail within the video upon play? I am developing a site for a company and they are striving and stressing that they want to go as branded and "brandless" by others as possible.

If I could get a contact back on how this may be possible I would much appreciate it.

Other than that.. again, great plugin.
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You need to get the "commercial" version of the Longtail video player. Go to their site and purchase a license (it's cheap) and they will give you a new .swf file (=the player) to replace the one used in AllVideos. It's really simple.

AcyMailing Starter
Not a whole lot can be said about this extension that hasn't already been said. At the moment I am working with a company who is relatively new to events management, activities planning, graphics design and advertising.. you name it they are a big dream. With all that they demand there is but one component that is always the most important feature to any site that needs to push vouchers and compelling content to their users... if you guessed newsletter systems and organization.. you are correct!

AcyMailing is a fundamental source for the heart beat of the site and all that it is to become. At the moment as we are in dev mode we have the starter package set up.. I have built a custom newsletter template and am highly impressed with how AcyMailing handles the layout and increases it's editing possibilties. Even for a "Starter Package" I am thoroughly impressed and would recommend this without hesitation to people in the same/similar field as myself and the company I represent.

Not enough words can express just how rich this extension can make any site and enhance it's content stream to members beckoning for special offers and more!

Thanks Acyba! You guys are producing just what we need and are simply the best.. hands down. Look for us very soon as we will be purchasing your larger packages .. not just as they are needed.. but because we simply love the effort you have put forth.

Jason Matthews
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your kind review.
We which you all the best for your company and we would be very proud if AcyMailing can help you to reach your goal in this adventure.

Kind Regards,

byJMSolo, May 26, 2012
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p8pbb bridge light
I must say.. I apologize to the developer(s) of p8pbb for my late response and review. It is long overdue and they have certainly been more prompt than myself.

1) The product that has been provided by these folks is extremely powerful, flexible, efficient and user friendly.

1a) There is no stone left unturned in this product.. seamless integration with a plethora of social platforms is a winning point in this service. Enough said.. not to mention... most documentation for any help is included and it is a simple and straight forward process.

2) What more does one want from such a great extension? Well, great service.. in fact.. even better service!

2a) I had a couple of problems that arose and these issues through the support system were quickly met and resolved. Response time was timely and friendly.

In the long run.. thanks guys! I appreciate your product and your friendly service. I would most certainly recommend this product to other developers and hobbyist alike. It's the ability to work for skill levels of varying ranks makes this an award winning purchase and worth every red cent. I am considering jumping into other features produced by these guys.. and will not hesitate when the time comes.

Thanks again Blogomunity! You guys ROCK!
byJMSolo, February 29, 2012
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I have to say that JVoteSystem is a must for any site or community looking to gather feedback from either customers or fellow community members. The polls are easy to set up and go well with most site color schemes. Features are an added bonus as you can see in the demos posted. From controlling the amount of votes per poll/survey to allowing users to add extra answers (if permitted) for added inputs in the voting arena.

JVoteSystem has thoroughly impressed me.. not just with the features they have implemented but with the ease of use. Troubles with v.2.03 are long gone and the devs upgrade to v.2.04 quickly put those worries to ease. Practically right out of the box! It's simple for anyone to navigate around it's features and uses and adds a very nice clean touch to gaining user feedback.

I have gladly sent my support to JVoteSystem and as long as they continue to improve the seemingly "unimprovable" they will continue to have my support and loyalty.

They not only have a great poll sysyem. They also provide a community forum which any question or issue is quickly replied to. This is great as customers or users of any product have that added peace of mind... knowing that their troubles can be handled by either other users of the product or by the mods/devs quickly.

Another thing that makes me happy is the language barrier in the module itself has been handled and I now know what it says! =P
I big thanks especially for fixing that!

Overall, I would and will quickly recommend this extension to friends and anyone else looking for such an item. Please note: I am extremely picky when it comes to the use and features of such things.

Thanks JVoteSystem.. you guys are awesome.