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JP Hayden

byJP Hayden, June 25, 2013
This is a great component... but it is by no means free. Yes... you can do some very basic calendaring and event handling with the free version... but a club membership (up to approx. $150 US a year) is required to do anything beyond the basic... including access to the complete documentation.

Support is available for non-club members but answers appear to be mostly plugs to subscribe to the club. After years of developing free add-ons/extensions for several open-source forum products, I guess I personally just hate to see someone trying to make a buck off the labor of those who created the core open-source product. A bit like carpet-baggers moving in after gold has been discovered.

Using the latest version for Joomla 2.5 & up... I noticed many irregularities and missing items in the admin interface that I would expect to be functioning in a commercial product. Minor things, but still annoying.

They may call this a free product... but be aware that it is "cripple ware" that likely will not meet your needs... which you will not discover until investing hours on trying to figure it out.
Owner's reply

JEvents is a free and open source addon for Joomla that offers:
* complex repeat patterns and exception handling,
* many menu types for displaying your events,
* mini-calendar module,
* latest events module (with a large number of documented config options),
* 4 built themes,
* full Joomla MVC which makes it possible to customise the output

I'm not sure many people would describe these features as basic and it meets the needs of the vast majority of sites without any addons and maybe only some basic CSS tweaks to deal with site template specific issues.

We provide fast support in the free access forums.

byJP Hayden, June 22, 2013
VTEM News Stack
This has all the appearances of a great module... a clever and visual way to display a list articles.

Unfortunately, in my 3.1 site, the module will not display either the intro or main images set on an article. It will only display an image embedded into an article. Where that may work for some situations, not all my articles have embedded images.

There is very little documentation short of showing a screen pic of part of a config screen from a much older version. In their support forum, was able to find a few tips... but nothing that worked. Most post regarding "images not displaying" seem to be ignored.

** Close... but no cigar.