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byJaacques, September 10, 2012
Content Templater
As a long time user of Sourcerer, I downloaded this extension with every confidence - and that confidence was not misplaced. It works first time - and does a terrific job.

Peter's support is excellent too - I emailed him on a Sunday, expecting a reply sometime Monday. 15 mins later I had a solution (the problem was my fault incidentally). For a free extension that is just exceptional.

Look at his website for his other extensions.

Thank you Peter.
byJaacques, May 22, 2012
Christopher has done a lot of work to Simple Quiz since I bought it 6 months ago. We had one or two issues at first, but Christopher has been incredibly quick to reply and always helpful.

Very happy with the component - and extremely happy with the support. If I have one suggestion for improvement (and to save Christopher a heap of time!) that is to provide some instruction documentation. It would save dummies like me from pestering him!
byJaacques, October 5, 2011
Set Generator tag
Does exactly what it says on the tin and saves an awful lot of tinkering about. Well done and thank you.
byJaacques, January 23, 2011
I use this a lot and it's just so simple and easy to use. One thing that used to catch me out - and might be the cause of the problems some of the negative posters have suffered.

When you follow the instructions and click the second of the 2 radio buttons to activate this plugin - BANG - you're kicked out of the backend! (without having physically logged out). In my experience, if you try and log back in straight away - no joy - you are locked out of the site. Have a coffee, read your emails and come back after the default 15 mins - no problem. If you've set your admin down time to a longer interval - come back after you've timed out.

This I found out by trial and error - not sure it's written down anywhere. It works for me!
byJaacques, August 24, 2010
Great calendar that does exactly what it says on the tin. I too had a small problem with accents (in French), but contacted Chris who had it fixed inside 10 mins. Considering he is up to his eyebrows trying to get Rentalot Plus launched, this is truly great service. Thanks again Chris.
Easy to install, set up and use with financial reporting available, lead source statistics, currency exchange rate updates - and all for free? Incredible!

Yes, you can choose to pay a few euros for the manual - and you should. It's clear, detailed and quite one of the best I have used. And the developer deserves it for a great piece of work!

I know Chris is working on integrating this with a calendar and promising online booking with Rentalot Plus - and that will only enhance an already good product.

In the meantime, I have split my availability - one page for each yearly quarter. I like having price and availablity in the same table. It's clear and easy to understand.

(We've set up for weekends rather than weeks as historically, that is our clients' booking preference.)

By the way - if you want to come and stay next summer, you'd better hurry - we're booking up fast!