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Popup Anywhere
I read the last reviews and it does seem to be a good extension, so I downloaded and installed it, but there seem to be a an issue which I can't suss out - I set the 'Show When' to Session, which pops it up when you access the site which is great and really shouldn't pop up again until you close the browser, then open it again - but for some reason if you have logged in and log out, it pops up again - Why? - That makes no sense to me. - There should be an option to set this off, in my opinion.

There is a bit of an issue with Support because I dont think the Free extension has very little of it, yet some of the problems are fundamental to both Free and Pro and I think these should be able to be addressed somehow - I agree the PRO extension should offer support where there are issues specific to PRO only, but not in this case - or am I being to simplistic.

Anyway, the session problem has stopped me using the plugin and I am having to investigate other ones which I am disappointed about, because I can see how it could be an great one.