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byJacqueline_hh, April 7, 2013
Super easy to install, works immediately, Thank you for this plugin.
byJacqueline_hh, April 7, 2013
Phoca Gallery
I use the gallery, installation was simple and ok, but there is problem with the internet explorer 10, it does not display the slideshow. Firefox was OK.
I registered in Phoca (annoying security prompts) and found no help.

In a google search for problems with Phoca several clues that were all brought no result.

I think it is better for a plugin to buy with Suport.
Have a nice day
Owner's reply


will be great if you can be more specific.

Phoca Gallery uses a lot of different slideshows so if some of them has problems in non standard browser it can be changed to other one until javascript developers of current javascript libraries will do some new handling for new non standard browser. It is common thing that every new version of IE behaves different way to previous version and that it needs some time so developer can do exception for such version.

I don't understand your last sentence. In case some other plugin uses the same javascript library like you have used in Phoca Gallery, it will get the same problems with IE. But mostly other galleries don't have so many features. So you can just switch to other than used method. Comparing two different things is really not helpful for other users :-(

Not sure if you run some e.g. forum etc, but please you should know, that in world of spam and ddos attacks, you need to run some protection in the forum. :-(

Anyway - the problem is of course IE and maybe not updated javascript library. I am developer of Phoca Gallery, not a developer of IE or the javascript library, so I really don't understand the review :-(