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byJadzia, December 3, 2012
Wow Login
If you have a joomla website you just have to have this extension! Works out of the box, no fuss and fantastic usability. I manage 4 joomla sites and it has made my life so much easier!
byJadzia, October 23, 2012
I love the concept of this extension, but couldn't get it to work in firefox or Chrome. Some of the text is in german, and the radio buttons were unselectable. I did try and seek help via the forum but unfortunately do not speak German. I will keep an eye on this extension and as soon as these things are sorted would love to use it.
Owner's reply

Hello Jadzia,

I was searching for your mentioned issius for hours, but couldn't figure out where this problems occure.

Does this problem exist in the demopage too?

I'm sorry for the german-parts. This was just a little experiment of mine and is in the new Version (1.5) obsolete.

Furthermore is the Section for the SectionCategoryArticleList in my Forum for english requests too. Until now, all of the requests were written in english. So you're welcome to write there and help me figure out what problem you have. Maybe a testsite where i can see the problems would be good.

By now, none of the others which are using my component had this problem.

So I'm looking forward for your answer.


byJadzia, July 27, 2012
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Article PXFont Size
I love this plugin, my only problem is it shows in modules that display articles, or custom html and when I put in {hidefa} it disables the plugin but I can see the text hidefa on the module. Once I have that figured out it will be perfect.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment!

The content plugins can also run in custom HTML modules. This is very important. For example, the "Article PXFont Size" plugin, can show in a module.

You can disable the content plugin in a custom HTML module. You must do the following:

Extensions -> Module manager -> (Custom HTML Module) -> Basic Options -> Prepare Content -> No

If this does not fix your problem, on our website or email, we'll help in any way we can.

byJadzia, April 23, 2012
Link Checker
Very simple and effective. I have it viewable to editors etc only and it makes life much easier to login and see instantly where fixes are needed.
byJadzia, October 14, 2011
Installed, and up on the site in no time at all, no messing around required. All I need now is a 1.7 version of this fantastic little module.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the first review :)

I wrote this for our own usage, so I'm glad someone else like it. Indeed, we do need to package it up for 1.6+ Joomla!


byJadzia, August 30, 2011
QuickList Weblinks
What can I say? does exactly what it says it does, no fuss.
byJadzia, August 29, 2011
Maxi Menu CK
I love this module and can't praise it enough. My only issue is I can't use the forum for help as it is in french and J'ai ne parle pas Francais beyond basic.

Could we please have an English speaking area in the forum? Also [col] is not seperating my menu in J1.7

Thanks again for this fantastic module.
Owner's reply

thank you. If you look at my you can see that I speak in French and also in English, you can switch between languages with the flags ;)

byJadzia, October 19, 2009
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Exellent for forcing all front page images to be the same size.

Just needs a way to turn it off on specific images - I have a section where it is thumbnailed and I want the whole image.
Also doesn't work for gifs - must use a jpg or png image format.
Owner's reply

>Just needs a way to turn it off on specific images -
>I have a section where it is thumbnailed and I want the whole image.

You can use "nosmartresize" command in "class" or "id" image property for turn off plugin on specific images.

byJadzia, September 25, 2009
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CB Captcha
Excellent plugin however users should note that you now have to subscribe to Joomlapolis to download the plugin.
byJadzia, September 11, 2009
AutoTweet NG
Very good, easy to install and use. Saves me a lot of time tweeting after updating the site. I would like to see a "do not tweet this article" on new articles giving me the ability to NOT tweet an article if so desired.

Well done to the developers.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!

> do not tweet this article
I have noted this for later investigation - but that is not easy. (I think I have to implement a plugin for joomla editor - and I have never done this...)

byJadzia, May 19, 2008
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Dinamod Tab Modules
Fantastic module, easy to install and use. The only thing I find is that the height is set to pixels. It would be absolutely perfect if we could choose between percentage, auto or pixels so all inserted modules fit exactly.