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byJaguar3d, July 27, 2012
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No Doubt, what I had thought was complex process and clients asking me "Can you do a splash screen" NOW i can and much easier than the attempts before. Many thanks and worth a donation.
Owner's reply

I had a customer who wanted a splash screen too, and everything I found was so complicated and convoluted (not to mention unreliable and ugly) that I knew I needed to come up with a different way.

Version 2.0 is just around the corner, and it will add much more functionality!

Outstanding component, plugins and modules that simply work as advertised. I was indeed up and running very quickly. I had questions and they were immediately answered. Worth every penny.

byJaguar3d, October 23, 2011
Great module, was looking specifically for something like this that would allow updates to albums on Facebook which would update the website. Perfect. Versatile and wow, what a value!
This almost completes the total managment of any site without having to train a client on 3rd party aps such as Godaddy's file manager, an FTP client or Cpanel. It just does exactly what is said it would do. Must have, i think as important as joomla pack.
Akeeba Backup
This is a complete, well thought out must have. If anyone has any Enterprise level view of an organization, business contiunity is Huge. This closes that Gap by providing assurance regarding the site any site> Large or Small. Well worth Donating in my opinion because i'm sure valuable time was taken to bring this to life. Well Done.
Google Maps by Reumer
This was an excelent plugin that gave great impressions once presented as part of a Site Design. The fact that the map can be dragged, zoomed and directions gather right from the customer's site was the best. So many options and ways to deploy this. Included in my "Needed" objects in any design.