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Clean installation and had it going in less than 20 minutes. Lets you have any module where you want it. I needed a pop-out module from the side of my website with a scroll bar and this worked beautifully on all browsers I work with, and the customization options are perfect. Thanks to the developer!
byJaimied, April 21, 2014
Browser Update Warning
Solved my headaches with old browsers. Bye-bye internet explorer 8! I'm very happy with this plugin and it's splash screen giving a choice of browsers without bias, it's clear and simple to the simplest of users. Thanks to the developer for a quality plugin! The only improvement I can imagine is to have the ability to easily modify the text of the warning, but this is minor, this plugin is rated Excellent!
byJaimied, September 26, 2013
Admin Tools
Highly recommended for extra security and peace of mind for Joomla administrators! Thanks for a quality extension!
Quality component, does exactly what it says. Installation and configuration took less than 2 minutes! A must have to give your website users the best experience and ease of regular use!
byJaimied, May 23, 2013
Simple Disqus Comments
Great Plugin and easy to configure. Had it all up and running excluding the categories I did not want comments on within 5 minutes! Thanks for this quality plugin!
byJaimied, September 16, 2012
Social Sharing
I use this on a few sites and it provides a smooth and easy way for visitors to sign up and become a member. It is extremely easy to set up and configure and setting up the log in options to be available are a breeze. This barely takes 30 minutes to set up (depending how many options you need) and the benefits are massive. Two thumbs up to the developers! Thanks!
byJaimied, September 16, 2012
Took minutes to set up, very easy to configure. I'll be using this on all my sites! Thanks for this simple must-have tool!
byJaimied, September 1, 2012
Go Mylo Countdown Pro
I was looking for a simple countdown for Christmas, the New Year and an upcoming online store and this module does it all with individual styling. Having had problems with other options, I came across this one and had no issues what so ever and took 5 minutes to install and configure. Recommended for a tiny cost of $2!! Thanks to the author for this handy module!
byJaimied, August 29, 2012
Having experienced problems with other sitemap components, this was the perfect solution. There was a lot of my site I did not want mapped and between the robots file and the configuration of this great component it was quick and easy to configure the sitemap and submit to Bing and Google. I'm now using this on all my sites! Recommended!
byJaimied, August 28, 2012
PlayThru Captcha
This re-invents the Captcha! It's fantastic! I'm more concerned my users will want to sign up again and again I'm already addicted! Works from installation, activation and signup for the publisher and scoring key. A real relief for community and fun sites to get rid of those over-complex frustrating Captcha's we loose sign-ups on! Thanks for this fantastic plugin!!
byJaimied, July 23, 2012
Nice Social Bookmark
I have used this on 3 of my websites and it takes minutes to install and configure. Great options for button effects and works from the moment you hit publish after installation! It also pulled the right images for sharing from the page where other similar extensions failed. Recommended!
byJaimied, July 13, 2012
Redirect Registration for JomSocial
Solved a total headache and solved my problems in an instant. Thanks for a top quality plugin!