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byJalali, October 4, 2011
jGalleria Gallery Pro
I have registered with Joomla Ext Directory to leave this feedback only and this is my experience.

1- Installed 1.5 version a month ago and installed in one click, and done the job as its suppose to.

2- Great Customer Service/Support. When I purchased 1.5 version, 1.7 wasn't available so I contacted Tobian (Developer) and asked him if it works with 1.7 and in less than 15 minutes I have respond from him saying NO, what I liked about it is that he didn't say I'm working on it or any promise or date so it helped me to see what other options I have, suddenly a week or two after that 1.6 and 1.7 were out and he sent me a free version of that. Been in development for 12 years and what it shows me is that he works for quality NOT money.

3- Price is reasonable.

4- You can just select what image folder you'd like to use and thats it.

5- No errors on any platform or browser.

Never been happier with a component/module/plugin

I hope he always get what he deserves in his life.