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James Argo

byJames Argo, November 28, 2012
What? Nothing!
All hail the mighty developer for developing this super cool extension!

This should be included in Joomla core extension by default.

Thank you for your effort. 5 star.
Owner's reply

It has been an uphill battle trying to get this into Joomla core. Apparently the is "no ask for something that does nothing". I can't believe they don't see the potential this doesn't have!

byJames Argo, August 19, 2011
Simple Spotlight
One of the best I've tried. Free to download, easy to install & configure, no compatibility problem like many other javascript based modules. Excelent! One thing I'd like to see in the next update is ability to switch off "link URL" per image. Overall, it's pretty cool! Thanks! :-)
byJames Argo, January 29, 2009
VM Affiliate
I'm very pleased with it! :-)

It's easy to instal and works beyond my expectation!

Despite their lack of documentation, they DO give personal support for their customer!

For those who use this extension and SH404SEF, I wrote SH404SEF plugin can be downloaded in their forum :

byJames Argo, January 23, 2009
JCK Editor
I've tried other editor for years, and JoomlaFCK becomes my best choice because this one is the fastest to load! The other good editor seems sooo heavy to load. Go ahead, try the other editor and compare, JoomlaFCK wins all the way! Not that the others are bad, but this one is simply the best.

This extension has an ability to automatically assign default template.css used and the option to add many additional css files. This is brilliant!

The developer's support & respond is fast & helpful.

I hope someday they will develop many more feature like advanced table editing, inserting URL to article / other components, etc etc... It's about a time :-)

Thank you for delivering such great extension! I highly recommend it.
Owner's reply

Hi marsares, I thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to support us and the project!

byJames Argo, December 24, 2008
I follow it's development since last year. Very well developed plugin I must say! And their site / forum always give support with fast reply! Very easy to implement, and the developers really listen to our feedback / ideas!!! They concern about our needs. Very recommended !!!