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byJames78, September 13, 2011
Udja Comments
It looks good!

A few suggestions:
- Allow managing comments in admin panel (if this can't be done already; this would include amanging reports and whatnot)
- Approval system (for people who don't want to just allow comments to directly show up)
- Maybe assign moderators (if there isn't a way to do that already)
- Reporting system
- Akismet integration (along with being able to check all comments marked as spam, etc, along with marking them not as spam (ham), or marking ones not found as spam; this would also allow us to not need reCaptcha!)
- improvements on the css theme. I have to admit it doesn't look that bad to begin with, but especially the threaded part I think should be improved. You could use ideas from the disqus and JAComment themes. Their's are really nice.

Thanks for all the work on a nice system! :)
byJames78, February 18, 2011
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Excellent plugin. Simple, and does as it says (also the first for J1.6!).

I only have some minor annoyances.. The CAPTCHA section of the registration displays a title "Form validation" (or the legend html tag), which I think looks really bad. I removed it from my form and it looks much better!

Next, still regarding the visual stuff, if the dl, dt, and dd html tags could be removed from the form, it would left align the CAPTCHA, and it would look really really good. (Don't know if that's possible with the JForm API (or at least on the registration page)?)

And lastly, regarding the reCAPTCHA incorrect-captcha-sol error code. When I enter a wrong captcha, this error code isn't put into the javascript query, so the box never says "incorrect captcha solution" (or whatever else it may say). I see some code for this in the plugin, maybe it just doesn't work?

I also see there's also some interesting mailhide code in your plugin. I bet you might be thinking about a future mailhide feature release. Cool! :)

Bottom line: It works, it's free, it's worthit to use! Thanks so much for developing this plugin! :)
byJames78, February 4, 2011
Really nice! Jumi is good, but I wish it allowed you to enter the code into your article as well, instead of calling a separate file for every small thing. This allows you to do just that! Just one thing. Do you have to use the [[ and ]] tags? If so, can you please code in the functionality (to the best of your ability) a way to be able to use full regular tags (e.g. not [[b]])
byJames78, February 4, 2011
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This extension is nice at what it does.. But I really don't like how you can't do something like..
{jumi}{/jumi}, or with javascript/html in there. It really defeats the purpose of this for me. Sometimes I just want to write a little PHP into the article instead of having to go somewhere else to create a separate file. Please include this behaviour and I'll be very happy. :)