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byJaneShuttle, December 13, 2012
I attempted to use Fabrik to create a fairly simple event listing website, but have been bogged down in frustrating problems for several weeks now. Fabrik is probably great if you are a serious developer, with extensive knowledge of MySQL, PHP, Javascript, J! and CSS. The statement in the extension description " without requiring knowledge of mySQL and PHP" is extrememly misleading. Yes, you can produce a very minimalist site this way, but many of the features and plugins don't seem to work without additional backend tweaking.
Basic functions like being able to delete database rows or pre-filters seem to stop working randomly, and searching the forum for some of the issues I've had revealed plenty of other users with the same problems, but the developers simply replying that it works fine for them.
It's also very ugly looking in the front end - again, probably all customisable if you know what you're doing, but otherwise very frustrating.