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byJaneta, May 29, 2012
I am really impressed not only by this extension but by the support as well. They fixed a problem with cb avatar integration for me very quickly.
Komento itself works and looks great, with some extra features, configuration has tons of options :) Thanks for this - exactly what I needed!
byJaneta, May 28, 2012
Simple Review
OMG... uninstalled this as I discovered that it doesn't work with articles (disappointed...) and my website went blank! Installed it again and there was my website again. What the heck?
Owner's reply

Correct, Simple Review is independent of articles (I will update the description to clarify this).
Since it is independent I am not sure how it can be blamed for your website being blank, especially after being installed.

byJaneta, December 15, 2009
JE Pretty Smooth Menu
Looks nice, but for commercial extension I would expect it would work with javascript switched off as well. But it doesn't. There are some nice free extensions that do, so why should I spend money on this one?
Owner's reply

Its working with javascript that's why menu going in very smooth way.

byJaneta, May 26, 2009
Content Templater
This is great, it's simple to use, saves time and a it's a big help for non-tech users - you can set up several examples of different pages and they just edit it for what they need. Cool. Thank you so much!
byJaneta, May 24, 2008
This component seems great, but it doesn't work on joomla 1.5 very well. When I click "add the prayer request" it comes up with the normal add an article page instead. When I tried to save the configuration it gave me a blank page and after that it was blank even on the website. It might have some issue with the joomla url rewrite (the one that comes with joomla). It's a shame, looks like a good component otherwise. But I can't use it unfortunately.
byJaneta, June 28, 2007
This is my favourite editor. I really like the way of inserting images. I tried other ones but this one is the best. I also like that you can decide which buttons show in the editor, that's excellent if you don't want people to start adding an html formating for font for example... you just disable all the buttons for that, just use css instead. :o)
Thank you, great job!
byJaneta, June 18, 2007
Hover Box Gallery
This looks really nice, but I am looking at it in IE7/win and when I move my cursor over the thumbnails it flickers really bad... If this could be fixed it would be great.