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byJasonDean, April 7, 2012
I would describe myself as a moderately experienced Joomla user but with no coding knowledge (maybe a small amount of CSS understanding). I've used Chronoforms before and while that did the job, it was a bit of a steep learning curve.

Breezing Forms on the other hand is brilliant! A lot of features are automatic (like form contents being emailed to you on submit) and there are plenty of themes to allow you to customise the look.

Excellent documentation and how to videos if you get stuck, have yet to have any reason to contact their support, so can't comment on that.
Qlue Custom 404
This is a tricky one. Qlue seem to be the only developers that make a Custom 404 product beyond 1.5 and the component does the job. However, the documentation is very poor and it took me a while to figure out how to get it working.

You create an error page from within the component, then you create a menu item and link the menu to the error page from within the component (rather than say an article as you normally would). Don't publish the menu on any of your pages and set the menu in the rhs prefs for bots not to scan etc (you son't want Google crawling it). This seems to then publish whatever you have put in error page you created within the component into the main body field on your page.

I'm assuming this is how it works with the non commercial version as well, I upgraded to the commercial version in the hope that I would get some customer support (Qlue do not offer any support for the free version).

With a comprehensive how-to doc, this would be an outstanding product.
byJasonDean, October 14, 2011
Art Wijmo Menu
As I have used Joomla more and more, I have found that a really great extension needs three things: it needs to look great on the front end, it needs to have options and be easy to use in the back end and it needs to be well supported by the developer.

I use a few extensions from this developer and wished they made an extension for every single feature I needed, they are such a pleasure to deal with. If you need help with anything, post a forum message and you'll get answered promptly. I have required things tweaked a bit here or there and they are always ready for a solution.

It's developers like this that give Joomla such a great name.
byJasonDean, October 8, 2011
Art Table
As someone who is new to Joomla and has no coding experience, I found Art Table very easy to use. In my book, the functionality of a module is only half the story; some modules work great but the developer has limited support and no forums from which to pose questions and see responses from questions of other users. These guys not only have a very thorough forum system but reply promptly to questions and even helped out with some minor custom code changes at no cost. Pleasure using this product.
byJasonDean, September 11, 2011
ARTIO FusionCharts
As someone with no coding knowledge, this seems to be the only extension that is usable to me. You set all your parameters in the component section and then load the chart in the module section. Values are inputed manually but it shows you exactly what the chart will look like.

There are no doubt much better looking and more functioning charts out there (there is a paid for version of this extension that looks very nice) but for a free chart that does the job with no coding knowledge requirements, this is perfect.