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byJaver, January 30, 2014
Any issues I've had were addressed by the developer himself. He did everything he could to help me. I highly recommend these social extensions to anyone who is seeking exceptional support. The pricing is also unbeatable compared to competitors. Excellent service.
byJaver, April 2, 2013
Youtube Gallery
1) I'd rate this a full-out 5 stars but the module doesn't even have basic things like Advanced module settings so I can't even change something as simple as its Module Class Suffix.

2) I understand the free version must have a link, and I can respect that - but it's super intrusive! An image saying "GET PRO FOR $35" is smack dab on the video content. I guess I'm just accustomed to non-intrusive demo links, such as a link at the bottom of the module or component, not to mention not putting a price right on the thing, lol.

3) Lastly, using this extension as a "MODULE" will still take over the title of your website like the component, so now my homepage title is the title of whatever video is displaying.

Kind of annoying.

But what great functionality! I love it far more than I am annoyed by it. It can do so many things and the free version still allows you to customize a LOT.

Highly recommend!
Owner's reply

Thank you for review.

1) Instead of Module Class Suffix we have "Custom Layout" and meanwhile you may access the module by id #YoutubeGalleryMainContainer1

where 1 is instance id.

2) Sorry for the link. Our marketing department forced me to do this way.

3) There is option called "Change Page Title" in theme settings, just set it to "Unchanged"