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byJayShoe, November 23, 2011
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I run a software marketing and sales website. We offer a free 30 day trial with the option to buy. It's very important for me to collect the email addresses of people who download the software so that I could send followup marketing messages to those users.

So I originally setup a form using one of the form builders that would redirect to the download page. This was always a huge pain in the rear and was subject to breaking if I screwed something up.

The OSDownloads component made it EASY. OSDownloads allows you to create categories which contain files. Each file has it's own settings which creates a new page for each "file download page". The page is customizable with CSS... The settings can be adjusted for the following (version 1.0.3).

- Name
- Alias
- File (select a file to upload)
- Category
- Description 1 (intro, with site-enabled WYSIWYG editor)
- Description 2 (test before the download link, with site-enabled WYSIWYG editor)
- Description 3 (text after after the download link, with site-enabled WYSIWYG editor)
- Show email (checkbox)
- Email required (checkbox)
- Agreement Required (checkbox)
- Documentation link (for the links you can specify another page on the site and it makes a nice clean menu on the top of the download page)
- Demo Link
- Support Link
- Other Link
- Direct Page
- Published

The way it works is the following. The user will see the categories, then choose a file page, the file page displays the details as defined on the file settings. Depending on how you have the file setup, the user will see an email box, an I agree box, and a download box. Then there will be a popup that will automatically start the download in 1 second or will show the user a link to download the file.

I am very happy with the component. The developers have been amazingly helpful as I was one of the first to download the component and had found some bugs. But at this point the software is working for me wonderfully.

If you are looking for an easy way to create a directory of downloadable files, and you want to collect email addresses (optionally), this is the component for you.
Owner's reply

Wow! Thanks for the thorough review! Also, thanks for reporting the bugs and we're glad that we were able to get them fixed for you and future users!