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byJazzvox, October 16, 2012
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We need to serve responsive websites for Mobile devices! Using this solution is by far (Not: easily) the best way to handle this - and it's free!

Consider that Set-Up and Configuration takes time and effort ... as Mobilizing Websites is one of the most challenging tasks today (even worse than to achieve IE-compatibility years ago).

I understand that a more detailed and extensive documentation affords labour time that might be better used for development - use the forum: Experiencing some serious problems myself, the "Friendly Mobile Guys" have helped mye to fix this almost in realtime!
byJazzvox, March 12, 2012
ITPSocial Buttons
I've just migrated from Joomla 1.6 to 2.5 - Modul ITPSocialButtons still works fine, although it's a 2010 version. Hope this handy tool will be in further development. Thanks to the developer!
byJazzvox, November 8, 2011
Virtual Domains
Perfect! Your Beta Version just made my day, thanks much for this awesome extension. After 0.4-chekov failed, I was lucky enough to give this one a try (benefit by your active support board) - and it works perfect as described above, out of the box!

Thanks again for covering this major task by intergrating the menu filter system.
byJazzvox, October 30, 2011
Facebook Graph Connect
Not easy to deal with Facebook Open Graph API - This extension does a very good job in this area, the development is up2date, and it's free! I use it for - a community site. A pleasure.

In addition, I've created 'xmlns:og=""'-files containing certain FB plugins, which are embedded in wrapper modules ... guess a lot more could be done.
byJazzvox, October 22, 2011
Phoca Maps
Use this extension if you want to display maps in Joomla 1.6/1.7, either as plugin or module or component - this one covers it all in the best way. Easy to install, no reading afforded, Maps API JS3 ... Juice By Jan!!
byJazzvox, October 13, 2011
Great idea, simple to use. As many of our visitors are 60+ it's a valuable benfit! Thanks for this plugin.
Owner's reply

Thank you!

byJazzvox, June 26, 2011
Event Booking
It's about the first time I've used a commercial Joomla! extension - for a customer:

Fazit: The supreme support I've experienced pays off a 100% for the really small price. I'm completely satisfied, beeing aware of the fact Event-Booking is growing according to Joomla's 1.6 development, and the team really tries to cover webmasters needs in a most convenient and flexible way.

Related to other products I've tested .. it's excellent. That's why I gave 5 stars, although I think the extension could be even better. There were some small issues to solve (I bet in future releases this won't be necessary ;-) - but nothing was dropped in Tuan's 24/7 forum support!

I'd just like them to get rid of some constructs here and there, and use CSS elements and properties instead.