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byJeewdew, August 23, 2011
I really like this extension and I use it alot.
Minor or big site - this is great.
It's easy to use and you get a great backend system along with it.
Even the option part is great.
I aint got alot of bad things to say to be honest.

I only miss better styling options, I'm no big php-shark and therefor the way of templating this can be a pain in the ***.
I've figurede it out by now - but it's not very newbie-friendly.
And a minor thing I would request while I'm at it - a list in the article your writing with the attached files? I've triede to look over the options, the plugins and so on, but I've failed to find a place to see this? You have no way of telling what files you've attached to the article and there is "warning" that the upload was a succes when you've done so.

Overall a great extension with a space for a few upgrades.
But it's worth it!

I might want to say I'm running 1.5 since I didn't like that way of 1.6. If this has anything to say about the way the extension looks for me.
Owner's reply

Glad you find Attachments useful. Yes... styling is not easy. I will think about how to make that easier. Regarding your question about seeing a list of attachments when creating an article: The ability to create/edit/delete attachments while creating an article is a feature in version 2.2. I encourage you to update! Thanks.