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There is well written code and poorly written code and believe me this is well written code.

But code can only get you so far, especially integration code, because there are so many elements outside of this component to get wrong.

We were let down an outside contractor who promised to install and configure JMAPMYLDAP for a customer of mine.

At the point of the project being cancelled Shaun stepped in and got it working. He was responsive and professional at all times. I was easily the best support I've received since I formed my company 5 years ago!

BTW, the problem was with the certificate and nothing to do with the component.

I cannot rate this component and the support highly enough.
byJellyfish458, May 13, 2013
JSN ImageShow PRO
Sometimes you can tell when you are using well written code. This is one such time, the workflow is sound, even the installation is comprehensive, no installing components, then plugins, then modules. It does it all in one go.
The only thing better than the code is the support, their support is brilliant, only bettered by their support on their templates.
Thoroughly recommended
byJellyfish458, April 8, 2013
Admin branding
It's a great way to white label the Joomla platform.

Works really well. I can recommend it.
byJellyfish458, October 12, 2012
Fancy Sticky Notes
Accidentally happened across this component.

Simple to install and configure and adds a nice non regimented feel to the website.

I shall be using this a lot more.
byJellyfish458, October 12, 2012
Candy Slider
The Candy Slider works really well at providing the information without using a great deal of screen real estate.

The support is also great, I had a conflict with another component. I posted a support ticket with both organisations. Pulse Extensions fixed it within 24 hours.

Still waiting for the other organisation to respond!
byJellyfish458, February 4, 2011
OSE Membership™
Encouraged by the support on their Anti Virus product, I bought this component and I have to say the product is great but the support is brilliant. In this case the name OSE really does mean excellence.