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byJenDee, September 9, 2014
Filter for K2
This is a must-have extension for anyone who has a lot of K2 items. And it works beautifully.

We had a few niggles and hitches with the module but the support from Styleware has been fantastic - super prompt every time and they went the extra mile to achieve the perfection my client insisted on, tweaking things here and there till it was just right.

We love the range sliders. Initially these didn't work that well on mobiles but as soon as we raised this issue, the developers fixed it so it now works a treat.

I simply can't fault these guys, they are always there when you need them.

It is well worth the price tag and I would highly recommend it. Excellent work!
Flexi Contact Plus
I needed a simple form for a multi-lingual site and I tried a few other extensions before installing this one, but I had trouble getting the translations to work for the user defined fields and none of them were compatible with Falang, which I'm using in the absence of a compatible Joomfish.

When I looked at FlexiContact I was very pleased to find a comprehensive user guide available as a downloadable PDF. This gave me the opportunity to assess whether Flexi Contact would serve my needs or not. This was a big plus for me. I installed the free version first and was impressed that the translation worked instantly without me having to do anything else at all!

I then purchased the paid version as I needed features that were absent in the free one. I had a little trouble to get the translation working for this, as it's different to the free component. Truth be said though, this was largely due to my missing the relevant section in the user guide completely and going off on the wrong track!

I contacted the developers who came back to me very promptly and courteously with the information I needed to get back on track. Once I realised that I needed to use the multiple configurations to set up the language versions, everything rocked!

Overall I am very impressed with this component. It's nicely put together, not bloated like some and comes with good documentation. The Admin interface is nice and clear as well and once I worked out the translation part, it all came together nicely.

If your requirements are for a fairly straightforward form with multilingual capabilities, I would highly recommend this one.

A huge thank you to the developers for creating this incredibly useful form component. It's well worth the small subscription cost.
byJenDee, August 13, 2011
My ShortList
This is such a useful little module and the only one I could find of its kind. Other similar extensions required the user to be logged to use it, which was no good for our website. So I was really pleased to find this one.

I had some problems getting the pages to display correctly but the developer has been so helpful and made all the adjustments that were needed to get the module to work for me. The support has been really, really excellent.

I would highly recommend this module.