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byJenni, May 22, 2012
CB Player Advanced
This plugin was actually hard for me to set up. I had trouble with not having enough tables in CB. It's supposedly a known issue on the CB forums so there are ways around that. It's still fairly complicated, but considering what it does, that's to be expected. The real reason I am posting this today is to rave about the support. These guys went above and beyond with me and helped me get everything set up and working properly. I thought for sure they would get tired of all my questions, but they answered every single one in a timely manner (including over the weekends) and are ultimately responsible for getting this thing working on my site. I am very pleased with their level of support, very pleased indeed.
byJenni, January 27, 2011
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OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!
I don't think I have ever had such excellent customer service. I was having a hard time installing and, to be honest, understanding, how to configure this software. They logged into my account and helped me install what I was having trouble with, looked over my files, whitelisted some alerts for me and just spiffed everything up. I had offered to pay when I asked them to do this this, so they clearly had the opportunity to charge me, but they did not. I am very pleased with this system and I am very pleased with this company!
byJenni, October 25, 2009
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I installed this plugin and found it had a bit of a display issue with IE8. I contacted Douglas and in a few days he had rewritten his plugin to fix this problem. For such a modestly priced plugin, the support is simply outstanding. I would not hesitate to buy any of his other plugins in the future. I feel confident that if there were troubles, he would take care of them. I am so pleased!