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Jerzy Drozd

byJerzy Drozd, August 7, 2011
I was looking for simple yet flexible image gallery. I did try different galeries available out there for joomlá, but this one is the best. It´s easy to setup and very flexible. It looks simple and elegant. You will find many parameters to adjust the overall look, actually it offer more flexibility than some similar commercial extensions. I higly recommend this one! Hat off to sigplus developers.
byJerzy Drozd, August 25, 2010
PayPal IPN for DOCman
Easy, easy, easy!!!

Easy to install and setup, very intuitive and works right out the box. If you are looking for easy solution for sell your products thru Docman like documents, ebooks, pictures or whatewer I could not recommend enought this plugin, absolute must!

Now let me say... If this plugin works great then the support for client handled by Deian (the developer) is over the Top.

Once I have installed this component it worked exactly like it was annouced but I asked Deian for some additional feature in order to be able to trigger groups from Docman and make some groups with "download free" status from AEC component.

Deian said he will implement that feature ( which for sure will drive more clients to this plugin) in next upgrade of the plugin which will be...... TODAY !!!

Wow, his speed rate for new feature implementation is light speed, and just today I got his updated plugin by email, could install it and now I have EXACTLY what I needed and working like a charm :-)

Great products and even greater client carry.

Thank you Deian ;-)