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Jettero Heller

byJettero Heller, April 7, 2013
ITP Donate
After reviewing many of the donation extensions, ITP Donate was the best of the bunch IMHO. It's flexible enough to use for a simple donation app or a complex campaign app with sponsors.

I had it set up and running with PayPal in 30 minutes, including customization and sandbox testing.

Found one small issue with the PayPal "amount" page, notified the author, and had a fix in less than 24 hours.

Have been using Joomla for MANY years, use tons of commercial and free apps, and never gotten this kind of support for either before.

Absolutely excellent app and support. Highly recommended if you need a donation app. You owe it to yourself to give it a try...and for free, you have nothing to lose.
byJettero Heller, September 28, 2011
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X5 Ajaxchat
I really hate to give this a bad review…not only do I desperately need a good chat solution and was depending on this to be it, but as a long time Joomla developer and avid troll of the JED, you'd think I would know better by now right?

But as desperation is the mother of all assumptions, and as Eugene said assumption is the mother of all "screw-ups", I made the cardinal sin of "assuming" some things about this package that just ain't so. Hopefully this will help someone else from making the same mistake.

So here goes…pros first:

If you're only looking for an EXTREMELY BASIC chat package with a pretty face, this might be for you. It took me longer to buy it than it did to install and get it up and running. It worked right out of the "box" which is more than many apps here. And did I mention it was pretty?

But it ends there…now the cons:

Seriously, it really is nice looking and fun to play with for about 2 minutes…then you realize there's just nothing else there. There is no…and I mean NO documentation. However, you won't need it because the software really has nothing to configure and no "commercial" features. Seriously…nothing!

Either I'm missing something or the description here and on their site is not only misleading about its capabilities, but also downright false. There is no suggestion box, no search by user, no sorting and no clear messages feature as advertised above (although not sure why those are important features..but they're listed as being here and they aren't)

There's a screen shot of the module backend on their site. I assumed (yes, here's my big mistake) since there was no "component" screen shot and/or feature list or plugin functionality description, that they just weren't very good at marketing or didn't think they needed to provide anymore info to sell the product. (worked in my case!)

I soon realized after purchase that's because there IS NO component (nor a plugin for that matter) even though both are incorrectly listed as included above. So if you're thinking there has to be more than what they've shown and are expecting some basic functionality you'd expect from a commercial chat application with a component, module and plugin (because hey, it's listed above right?), and if you just figure they didn't take the time to market it well, you'd be wrong.

But wait…maybe logging in as a Joomla super admin on the front end will open up all that missing functionality. Not so. Logging into this mod as an admin adds ZERO functionality on the front end. I looked everywhere thinking there had to be more options but could find absolutely nothing.

The description from their site reads: "Ajax chat is the perfect solution for general community chatting, online moderated interviews, customer support or any other use you might need, whether you need to communicate with a single person or hundreds."

Online moderated interviews? Basic features you'd assume were there for "moderated" chat like ban/kick users? Not there. Moderator only speak for "online moderated interviews"? Not there. So the purpose for which I bought X5 Ajaxchat, online MODERATED interviews, is totally out of the question. There are just ZERO…I repeat, ZERO features for admins to control anything about this package much less hold moderated chat.

Another annoying "feature" they don't tell you about is whatever page you publish it on WILL throw up a modal login box that you CAN'T close until you log in as a guest or user. Seriously, there's no close option and you cannot turn this "feature" off. Consequently, if you want to use it as a chat box under a live streaming video (another reason it was purchased) or other presentation where chat is optional…you're out of luck. Again, you cannot do anything on the parent page the chat mod is published to until you log in. Period. There's just no way to close the modal login box or disable that "feature" outside of hacking the code which, considering the total lack of any other basic features, seems a waste of time.

Last but not least, I kinda thought once I purchased the subscription there might be a support forum or page with documentation made available…something…anything…but nope, there's nothing.

So in short, don't make the mistake I did by judging this pretty book by its fancy cover. Don't assume there has to be more to it than the frontend demo on their site. There's not. Don't assume it can do anything it says it can do other than "type your chat line, press enter". It can't.

If you just want an insanely basic chat/private message mod…this might be your baby. It does look great and what little it does, it seems to do well. Just don't expect it to have any (and I seriously mean ANY) of the basic admin features of a chat application you'd expect from a commercial package.
byJettero Heller, January 11, 2007
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I thought so, and wasted tons of time with most of the other free form extensions. I even hovered over the purchase button for several of the commercial offers but just wanted something simple and easy to use. I came back to ChronoForms several times but dismissed it as in, “No way, can’t possibly work as easily as advertised” and off I went, wasting more time and getting more frustrated that something so easily done outside of Joomla! was so hard to do inside it. I just wanted MY forms to work.

I finally downloaded and installed it in the wee hours one morning, then kicked myself for days for not trying it sooner. It’s brilliant! I can use Dreamweaver to create the forms (even tried it with FrontPage..egads, and it worked perfect after the latest release), then just paste it into ChronoForms, tell it what to do with the results, and it’s done.

Had one problem with the first version I tried where it wouldn’t recognize INPUT TYPE= in all caps (yup…FrontPage), but within days of bringing it to the dev’s attention it was fixed. Since then I’ve yet to find a single form developed in Dreamweaver, GoLive or FrontPage that ChronoForms didn’t convert and work with perfectly. I even just pulled form code from random sites to test it and stuck it in ChronoForms and it worked.

Maybe if you tried hard enough you could find something it didn’t work with but it’s handled everything I needed it to do.

Not much documentation, then again, not much needed. Great response from the dev, and so far have absolutely no complaint. Best of all, no fear of making forms work Joomla!

Do yourself a favor and if you can use a 3rd party program to build your form like Dreamweaver or GoLive, give this one a test drive. Definitely wouldn’t have believed it was so easy to publish forms in Joomla! after all I went through.