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byJhazzi, October 12, 2014
If you note the latest update to this extension is 10/7/2014. That's because of me. I had an issue getting it to work on my site. Nick checked into it, found the problem and fixed it. He kept in constant contact with me during the interim and sent the latest version to me via email. I tried it and it worked. I am only now able to truly brag about it as I ran a quick test. It is now fully functional on my site and I am getting what I wanted - email addresses for complimentary downloads. I remind anyone reading this review, this extension is FREE! Thank you OSDownloads. I didn't mention I caught him via phone about 5 minutes before their closing time and was encouraged to send an email to support. I am a satisfied customer who received excellent service for an excellent product.
byJhazzi, December 30, 2013
Faith's Check Book
The extension itself is excellent for Christian sites. William is wonderful to work with although I haven't had any problems with the extension. He has helped on another Spurgeon extension. I recommend this extension to churches and other religious organizations and also to anyone needing inspirational content each day.
byJhazzi, January 21, 2013
SerrBiz Forms LT
I was hesitant to try this extension due to few reviews. But I was DESPERATE! Although the tutorial images on the backend were different than the actual extension, it works brilliantly. I had tried several non-commercial (all of them) extensions that are compatible with Joomla 2.5 and none of them worked. Support wasn't available, either. I was able to figure things out in a short time using the video tutorials provided. And the offer of help was provided consistently throughout the demo site. I highly recommend this extension. Customizing fields was easy and so was the configuration. Thank you for this FREE extension. I hope others try it and you get more GREAT reviews!
byJhazzi, September 12, 2009
I did not use the previous version. I came online looking for something not sure what for a Bible Institute's site and found this newly added component. The installation went smoothly with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

The only thing I would say and that has nothing to do with the functionality and that is the image of Spurgeon is too close to the text.

I will use this component on all of the sites I build for Ministries. Thank you very much!

Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.
I've amended the component here:

If you've done some mods and do not wish to uninstall the current component, follow the steps below to edit your current spurgeon_xhtml component:

a) Locate the 'components' directory in your joomla
b) Locate the 'com_spurgeon_xhtml' directory and expand it.
c) Open up the file named spurgeon_xhtml.html.php
d) Locate the line 15
e) Change style="float: left; " to

style="float: left; margin-right:3px; "

If you wish not to have the image, simply comment out or delete line 15.

byJhazzi, December 8, 2008
The component isn't working as it should on my site but it appears to be working for the developer and others so I won't be critical for that reason. Support has been very good. He responds quickly even though we're on different continents! Questions are answered but no solutions. So, the problem must not be with the component. All images are not showing on the front and backend. Images are selective as to what will convert to @rwcards or not. Have no idea why.

The images that are shown look great on the cards. I've been able to send ecards as a test and receive the confirmations of being sent and read. So, there's a glitch somewhere but apparently not with the component.
byJhazzi, August 1, 2008
Mike Leeper has done it again with this powerful component. It works immediately after install. Configuration is easy and the wealth of information provided by this component is incredible! Anyone desiring to read and study the Bible must use this component. It's recommended to all spiritual/Christian sites and ministries. It would be an excellent reference for Seminary students. Dictionaries and other references are included in this powerhouse! Great job, Mike. Thank you very much!
byJhazzi, April 21, 2008
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I installed sermonSpeaker and was able to figure it out. I couldn't believe I actually did it and it works great! It's another wonderful addition to my faith-based site. I use it for music as well. I'm happy and it's sure to make my members happy, too! Thank you very much.
byJhazzi, January 21, 2008
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The product speaks for itself. It works and works very well. Aside from that, support is for "dummies like me" when it comes to this stuff! I am beyond green and a newbie at this and I discovered the username I was communicating with in the Forum was actually the developer himself! I had to exasperate him and after I could not do what he gave instruction-by-instruction to do, the man corrected the problem by making the corrections in the code and reposted a zip file.

It politely said it was for people having trouble editing files. It was for dummies like me, in this area. I'm rather bright otherwise.

Thanks for a great chatroom for my site. I hope you get tons of business/ads by it being there! I recommend it to anyone desiring a chatroom on their website. Your visitors will have a BLAST chatting!