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Jim Bunte

byJim Bunte, August 13, 2009
MoeScroll Advanced
there are extensions that are done by hobbyists, and there are extensions done by real pros. this is a pro-level extension.

what do i mean? how about near-instant support for help and customization; great service; and friendly assistance.

i can't recommend the modedesigns products enough. i've used them on many sites and each time Mr. Moe helps me selflessly.

support this company - i want to see more great stuff from them and they deserve all your support!
byJim Bunte, March 28, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
If you need to embed google maps in your site, LOOK NO FURTHER! this thing works, period! and make sure you check out the sample setups on the developer's site - shows you exactly how to do the settings, etc.

from download to implementation - less than 5 mins.

plugin googlemaps ROCKS!
RSform Pro
i have been using RSform and now RSformPro with great results for some time - but the new features in RSformPro make it a must have - including the captcha feature. It's easy to set up, completely dependable, and with an intuitive backend, you can't go wrong with this product. Without question, it is worth every penny of the license fee - if only more Joomla extensions and components were as well designed or supported! thanks, RSJoomla!