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byJo80, October 27, 2014
Thanks for giving us this great piece of software for free, i cannot say more. Wunderful.
byJo80, October 5, 2014
Man this was an absolute lifesaver in at least 5 customer-joomlas for me, I thank you so much for this great piece of code!

5 minutes and I had all my articles exported from old 2.5 site and imported in a fresh new 3.x site, saving all my articles and categories.

For users: if you have articles in the joomla archiv, dont forget to export them too.

After installation from the component there is an additional export button in the articles overview, select all articles, click export, you got an xml file, and import that in the new joomla with the same installed component, ready.

5 stars for you, thank you!
byJo80, September 10, 2014
I just bought this component a few days ago because since 2 years I was searching a table component for 2 simple things: a) having a stylable price table, with html ability, with more than 5 or 6 rows .. and b) having long listings from domainnames and an easy way to put them in a table, and want that to be sortable for the website visitor.
I tried almost all other progs over the past 2 years. Now, this component does the job. The workflow is pretty fine, its intuitive and straight forward, with less clicks - the table get saved automatically as you enter new values. No need anymore to click Save again and again. And the working with the table is pretty easy as you know it from excel or word tables, just the needed options with right click. The html option for cell types is - at the moment - quiet basic and needs some improvement, but the developper confirmed me that this will be done within the next upgrades. I`m very impressed from this component and for the accounted reasons I give it 5 stars.
Owner's reply


Indeed the 2 major problems we have identified in Joomla table edition is that HTML editor tools were quite complex for dummy users and that the layout can be easily broken.

It's no longer the case, as webdesigner you can create complex table with amazing design and limit the final user to data edition.

The autosave table tool will be completed by an undo like in Gmail soon. Hope you'll like our table manager for long!

byJo80, June 6, 2014
J!WHMCS Integrator
I was surely not the easiest customer, had bought the product more than 2 years ago and never used it till a month ago. In minutes after my request they restored my account and checked my license, so I was able to download the newest version and start immediately to work.
Then I had a issue with the implementation from the API, I did wrote a ticket, provided logindetails and I got solved my problem without any problems or backquestions. They explained me what caused the issue and how I could avoid it in the future.
Next, I played around with another non standard template, and came to the point where I thought to dig deeper into the code, deleting, modifiying, try and error. Again I wrote a ticket, even my template was not considered as supported, and they looked deeper in it and explained me again what and why is working or not, and helped me to focus on my real work. Even they would explore my templateissue maybe sometime in the future and come back to me.
I must say: Thats the highest professional and best and friendly support what you can ever imagine. I am 15 years in the webbusiness and had a lot of support. But these guys are outstanding.
byJo80, December 4, 2012
mavik Thumbnails
hi, many thanks to the developer of this plugin! i have no problems with AVG or javascript, but maybe i use other templateframeworks.
this is great plugin since long time and works with a lot of additional functions perfectly under joomla 2.5 - i dont know why it`s not listed here in JED as 2.5 compatible.
byJo80, July 4, 2012
News Calendar
Thank you for the idea to handle the calendar with joomla categories and to provide it for free! - Calendars were a hairpulling thing the most time with CMPs, but this solution is so simple as so effectful as so easy to handling.
Thank you!
byJo80, March 2, 2012
Srizon Tag
Since monthes I searched for a joomulus (old joomla 1.5) replacement. I found ZS Tag Cloud (free, but not function in my case), I found a guy on xing who want astronomical price, I found an italian guy which told he have it ready but who didnt share his promises with others, and I found an britain company with a 35pound price and a bad (horrible visible) functioning plugin.

Now I found this and all my problems are solved.
Installed, 2 minutes and working - simple, powerful, hold what it promise.

Thank you !!