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byJodi, April 7, 2012
Ultimate Feed Display
I installed the extension without any problems. It works great "out of the box". I entered 2 RSS URLs and played around with the parameters to get the "look and feel" that I wanted. At this point I was impressed with the extension.

As background - I run 2 other sites that have a different RSS Reader installed (which is available from this Joolma repository). This RSS Reader manages 30 URLs without any problem. The system generates 10 pages of text, i.e. 100 links/articles from the feeds.

When I loaded the same 30 URLs into "Ultimate Feed Display", I got the following:

CRASH !!! Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted...

I reduced the number of URLs, and it seems that around the 24 mark the system just falls over every time.

My recommendation:

- Fix this memory issue.
- All the administrator to place the page selectors at the top and/or bottom of the page.
- Manage the URLs seperately and allow each one to be switched on/off.
- Have a "progress bar" to indicate the loading of the articles.

Until then - your product is just not made for "heavy duty" processing. At least change your marketing information and tell people that your product is only for a limited number of RSS feeds.
Owner's reply

first of all the review is welcomed but I think it's unfair.Many links means more connections and this requires a good hosting. All links are fetched together because items must sorted by date.

If you test other same softwares, have the same behavior. By the way, I don't see any support ticket with this issue if you wish you can contact for suggestions

byJodi, March 14, 2012
Simple MP3 Player
The player is good - but not great due to the following:

- The player is only a module, and not a plugin. Make it a plugin and you get the 5 stars.

- The player is not designed to do radio streaming, although the authors do make an attempt to detail how to put a streaming file into the playlist. Unfortunately the explanation is very poor. Ideally the player should just read a url and port (like "") the way Winamp does.

After struggling for hours I finally got a configuration that will allow streaming radio. Take the URL given above, and in the playlist file enter the following:;stream/1|The Micro Effect

Viola - now you have a streaming radio.

To the guys at - do these fixes and you will have one of the best players. Just cannot believe that you guys haven't figured this out yet!
byJodi, March 11, 2012
MG URVideo
Easy to install and works very nicely. There is however a suggestion:

Youtube allows a video to start anywhere by using something like "t=12m33s" at the end of the URL. This extension does not read this. Including this would be great.

In an article, some work is required with CCS or formatting to get a video to "float" right or left. A plugin parameter would be very usefull.

If you are prepared for a bit of formatting, then this entension is incredibly simple to use. Insert the Youtube URL without tags - and the video gets displayed.

With just a small effort this extention could rate 5 stars !
byJodi, February 27, 2012
Accordion FAQ
I reviewed/installed about 3 other accordion products, and finally found AccordionFaq. Binned all the others !

I use it both as a module and as a plugin. The online help is detailed and I found whatever I needed very quickly. I now use the extension to showcase youtube clips, articles and (obviously) some FAQ.

Editing the CSS is relatively easy, and I now have my own icons to indicate open and close status. The transition is smooth and very elegant.

Some quick technical advice - some templates use and format this header. This may mess with the accordion when used as a module. In this case - you can just set the AccordionFAQ seperation tag to be and all clashes are avoided. Easy.

This product is better that most commercial extensions. If you don't like the colours and icons (which there are PLENTY of, and VERY EASY to select), you can use your own by tweaking the style sheet.
byJodi, February 27, 2012
Qlue Tabs
Downloaded this extension - and then edited the CSS to give me the colours I wanted. This is not too difficult.

The result is an awesome tabbed showcase that has received lots of compliments.

Only 1 suggestion - when the number of tabs spill over into 2 rows, the tabs are displayed very badly. If this is fixed - this will be one of the best tabbed extensions around.

If you don't have too many articles to display - this is one of the best. Believe me, I have installed and discarded at least 5 from this repository.
byJodi, February 27, 2012
The first objective in safety is not to be seen. This extension redirects your browser if you try and access the back-end (e.g. .../administrator ) without a key.

Fast and easy. I am impressed.
Owner's reply

Excellent point Jody -

AdminExile isn't the only thing an administrator/owner should do to secure the administrator area. It is, however, a good first step. Strong passwords should be the next consideration.

Paranoia is a good trait for webmasters.

byJodi, February 27, 2012
Downloaded and installed. Figured it would set a single favicon for my whole site.

Pleasantly surprised to find that I could configure a favicon for each and every page via the menu structures. Awesome.

Only 1 suggestion. One has to remove a favicon in one screen (then save), before "assigning" a new icon to the same menu item. Combining these 2 steps in one would be great.

Highly recommend the product.
Owner's reply

I'm not sure I understand - but I want to! Please email me with a more detailed description and I will add it to the extension if it makes sense to do so.

JoomLine mp3 player
I purchased the Joomline Version 2.2.3 for Joomla V1.5 - which worked perfectly. Once we upgraded our web site to Joomla V1.7, I sent a note to the developers asking if it would work for Joomla V1.7.

To their credit they emailed me a new version that they said would work with Joomla V1.7. This is partly correct - since it works if you use Popup = NO. If you use Popup = YES it just refuses to work.

I send an email and they asked for the URL which was duely provided. No word after that. 3 Emails later - still no word.

Real sad - since this was the only extension that I could find that streams multiple radio stations to a web site. Too bad for the non-responce. Look elsewhere.
Owner's reply

Hello, Jodi!
We did not refuse to help you. The last letter to you on January 30, we now find in your spam. Nor any 3 letter did not follow. Now you have the link for this player is not necessary and we can not see the problem.
We also find that you have accessed in November and we sent out to you the player. And then no public complaints were not.
Thank you for your attention.