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byJodyTerblanche, June 28, 2012
Simple Spotlight
It is EXTREMELY simple to use, works in all browsers and installs like a dream. I reccommend this when you need a simple, quick solution ;)
byJodyTerblanche, February 28, 2012
I've been using Ohanah for a while now, and I must say; with each new version I'm more impressed. Its very simple to use, extremely fast, and looks great. This is definitely the best (and prettiest) events component out there - well worth the money!
byJodyTerblanche, November 7, 2011
Mosets Tree
This is a very powerful component; easy to use and lightning fast, especially the from the front-end. It lacks a feature that to me is so obvious, I didnt even bother to check if it's available: the ability to have certain fields for certain categories. In other words: You can create only one set of fields for ALL your types of listings. "Computer" related businesses will see the same fields as "Beauty" related businesses. The only way around this is to hack source code - which becomes a mission in terms of new releases. You can always add a notice to your users in which you state: "please only fill out the fields pertainning to your business"- but that seems a but unprofessional...

If you're looking to start a business directory which lists one certain type of business - the Mosets is definitely the best choice!