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Joe Kutz

byJoe Kutz, June 7, 2009
MediaLibrary Basic
I was looking for a plugin that would let me catalog my DVD and book collections, and this is perfect in theory. However there look to be a few problems with the implementation right now.

It would be nice to have the ability to reorder the front end by title and other aspects, as well as having a genre block to sort without having to use the subcategories.

There are a few bugs too that I am having a hard time sorting out. On the front end there is no way to display more than 10 titles - and there isn't any "next page" type navigation for additional titles.

The second bug is on the details page of the title. For some reason it looses the Joomla wrapper for the component.

You can see it in operation here:
Owner's reply

For start: on MediaLibrary home site exist forum and support for all errors and suggestion requests.
- If you real check component and look at "media manager" and at "category manager" - you will found very good ability for reordering. Now you can do ordering as for media in some category, also for these categories. Also you have very extended category manager with possibility create complicated tree for category.
- Also If you real see component - you will can find Tabs for setting - where you can found parameters for set - how much item show at one page.
- For don't lost Joomla wraper - please recheck yours template design. For default template design all work good.

Thanks for check ours component

byJoe Kutz, November 11, 2007
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While it is still in it's infancy, this component is looking great. The interface is pretty easy to sort out, and it installs perfectly in 1.5 without having to mess around with Legacy mode.

At this point it is hard to offer suggestions on what I would like to see, since it is still so new - but it has been updated a number of times in the past week, so improvements are still coming fast.