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Joe SA

byJoe SA, February 4, 2014
When I bought this extension initially it was good but not great. After the last upgrades it has become excellent. The guys from CMSJunkies are awesome and always happy to support and jump in when needed. For me,as a website developer, they have gone way beyond what was expected of them. This is the extension to buy if you are building a business directory.
byJoe SA, June 3, 2013
SJ News Scrollbar
I really like this module. Initially we had a few problems with the mouse wheel but the developers were very patient and help me fix it. This is a great module with great support.
byJoe SA, February 13, 2013
JS Jobs
I have used JS Jobs on 3 different sites now and will keep using it for recruitment websites. The component is easy to understand and to set up and the support is great. I have had one or two issues and was always assisted very quickly after raising a support query.
byJoe SA, May 7, 2012
I must say that I have used extendedreg on a couple of sites and it is in a very good extension.

It has a shortfall though and that is:

When you create more than one user profile with more than one login the redirect will go to the Default login. This means that.. If you have buyers and sellers and the buyer login is the default profile, sellers could be redirected to the buyers registration form.

This is an inherent flaw and what bugs me is that the support team quoted me $125 to fix something that should not have been broken to start with.

Unacceptable. :-(
byJoe SA, August 18, 2011
This really is an awesome extension. I had a very particular customer on one of the websites I designed and she needed very specific things done, to the form, that could only be done via CSS and by changing the source code directly. I contacted the proforms help desk and they sorted it out form me. I have a happy client which makes me happy in return. Thanx guys!