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byJoe028, March 13, 2012
RSform Pro
I have been using RSForm Pro for about a month or two now and have had a very good experience. The learning curve of the component was not nearly as complex as some other joomla components I have used. RSForm has the capability to be simple for beginners, however at the same time provides the ability for it to be easily customized for advanced users as well.

I have developed 20-25 different forms for a site I am working on now with RSFOrm pro. I am not a professional programmer, more of a hobbyist. I don't know how to create forms from scratch and be able to validae them appropriately and do many of the things that RSForms takes care of on the back end. But at the same time I am able to easily add in my own php code at various points of the form process so it does exactly what I want it to do. Including database queries, conditional fields, Joomla registration with automatic ACL assignments, and lots of other various simple things.

I have opened about 4 different support tickets and all were answered within 1 day. Not because there were bugs in the program, but I wanted to know if RSForms was capable of something, and they directed me to how I could accomplish these things. One example is I wanted to perform a database query in the php section on Form Load. Then I wanted to be able to populate the result at later points on my form. I couldn't find an easy solution to this, and they told me it was as easy as a strreplace() of the $formlayout. I'm not trying to explain how to do it here, but just saying that I had a problem, they had a solution, and was very grateful.

Worth the price for me. Hope this review helps someone.