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byJoeBackward, November 8, 2008
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A truly excellent plugin. Thanks!

One little thing. When you use this to generate an XML Sitemap (for Google etc) it's a good idea to save the xmap-generated text, edit it, then upload it statically to your site.

xmap puts a lot of stuff in the map and is indiscriminate about changefreq and priority tag settings.
byJoeBackward, July 9, 2008
Akeeba Backup
This works flawlessly on my 1.5.2 site, with a bunch of add-ons. Thanks!
byJoeBackward, May 24, 2008
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JCal Pro
This package gives me exactly what I need:

--display of the next event in a recurring series

--display of non-recurring events

--shown in a sidebar, and in a variety of page formats.

--a way for end users to add events.

It's a terrific addition to my web site.

It worked fine in J! 1.5. I had to turn on legacy mode to get the calender and latest events modules to work. With legacy mode on, the search mambot also works, but doesn't offer a checkbox to select only event search. So, I'm looking forward to 1.5 support being completed.

I'd ask for some changes in the interface that posts events:

-- settable default event length.

-- an easier way to choose dates and times than pulldown menues.