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John Delay

byJohn Delay, October 13, 2014
Easy Open Graph
I use this extension quite a long time - it works perfectly and out of the box. Some days ago (maybe 2?) I wrote an email to the developer, asking for adding the still missing parts that AliceT was writing about as a feature request. Today I got an email back, informing me that the extension got an update including the requested features - great support! Keep on the good work.
byJohn Delay, July 9, 2013
Lazy Load for Joomla!
Quite a good plugin - worked right away. The only drawback was: it uses a JS-fade-in effect, which is in conflict with my css gray-out effects (both targeting on the opacity) ... it also does not use a CSS fallback, that means: without JS enabled it doesn´t load any of my images any more (except the blank.gif of course). For that I had to uninstall it again. Please implement a fallback solution and everything is fine ;-) .
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and the suggestion!

My suggestion: You should contact the developers first if you have a feature request.

byJohn Delay, April 8, 2011
JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
Followed every instruction, but allways when I try to add a link an push the submit button, the following message appears: "Database error encountered" ... My sites are just on a shared server, but it beats all requirements (safe mode off, Curl on, etc.). I tested JV-E. on three different Joomla sites - one of them was a complete fresh installation (V. 1.5.23) ... allways the same result. Took me a lot of time.

It seems to be a great extension ... if it works. Sorry, but therefor just an average review. I really would like to make it run to test it.