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byJohn.Bekker, February 10, 2009
Flickr Suite Content
I found this plugin working good to show my flickr pictures, but some sets with to many pictures (+150) make the site slow.

I hacked flickrslideshows.php to add the code below after line 986
then I get pagination after 25 pictures, might be handy for a next release
if ($teller==0) {
$this->HTMLOutput .="$teller,$this->photoCounter,";
byJohn.Bekker, April 29, 2008
I installed it on my 1.5 site without any problems.

One things i'm looking for is to skip a repeating event once
Now i set the end date before the date i should not repeat and crete a new repeating event after that date

I also finished the DUTCH translation but can't find an address to sent it to

keep up the good work