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byJomExp, November 23, 2011
Hi there,

I like your component. But it has to be rated as fair. To be honest: It should be: poor. But maybe the developers stick into this issue of no SEO at all?? It is a usefull tool, but unfortunately there is mass duplicate page title. Every testimonial has the same page title. If you have a pagination this duplicates again. It is just called as the menuitem is named. This is not that good. Everybody knows the importance of SEO and everybody wants to avoid DC and Duplicate page titel and stuff. I did a post at your website, but no answer. Seems that your component is not well coded. Looks like it is made in the last century, sorry for pointing that out. But knowadways SEO is such a important thing and it can not be skipped. Maybe you answer here at JED? Why don´t you release a fix for this issue? It is known for long a time, but nothing happens. Seems that the customer service is not the best. Sorry for saying, but someone of the team of should stick into this issue. Seems that no one has thought about SEO when coding this nice component. Thats very sad. Seems that is was a quick and dirty solution ;-( Very frustrating

kind regards
byJomExp, June 16, 2011
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Hi there,

I would like to give you all guys a review about redshop and my own experience. I read their description and all sounds well, beside a few things. But I was wonderung about their business practise.

A few things and some good that are very strange:

1. No multilanguage support. Very very sad and not state of the art.
I talked to Ronnie via the forum and he told me that a shopsystem doesn´t need to be multilanguage at all! I was surprised. Sound stupid, sorry I have to say, but what kind of information he wants to moderate? He told me that I have to setup different shopsystems according to each language. Wow! That sound strange and not state of the art for a modern shopsystem.

2. Bad forum support. Very rude and bearish answering at their forum. Maybe they have to fight against a lot of bugs they coded. ok but please use an adequate language. I´m not stupid and have a lot of coding experience with joomla since more than 10 years now (good old mambo times;-)) The coding structure seems not very clear. It is by far like the virtuemart 1.0. I searched for "redshop" at the virtuemart forum and all my nightmares seems to be confirmed.

3. Seems a lot of money for an unstable and full of bugs software. Seems that if one bug is getting fixed a dozend others appear. "That will be fixed in the next release" I cannot hear this again and again. They took a lot of money from their customers for a beta and unstable shopsystem. I fixed a lot of bugs by myself spend a lot of time sticking into it, and with the next updated version the same and other bugs appear again. I wasted a lot of time and a lot of money. Very sad story, sorry but I have to say that redcomponent isn´t woth at all. Too expensive for a lot of bugs, no multilanguage support with unprofessional arguments, and not even better that virtuemart 1.0. So I have to tell others to check very carefully if the redshop components is the right thing. For me it definetly wasn´t. Sorry I have to point out, but others got the same problem too. Please expect: It will not import products from vm, no attributes, child products, no extra images. You can only check this out if you subscribe with a renewing membership! But it doesn´t work at all! So be carefull because the membership is automatically renew itselfs and charge your account again and again automatically. No cooperation and bad business practise. So beware of your subscription time and automatically renewing membership. (Read in their forum a lot of others have got the problem with the automaticall renewing membership and subscription) Absolutely not normal for buying joomla components. Isn´t it? I have never made any experience in this case at all.

Anyway never again with redshop, maybe if they have build a working component. Their forum is full of complaints. It was confirmed for me. Sorry for redshop. Maybe they take the problems of theis users serious and work on them in a structured way.

Wish you guys all the best and balance the reasons of using redshop or not.
Owner's reply

1) Thats not true - I have written that its BAD for SEO to use multilingual solutions - which is the absolute truth - if you want to sell something in multiple languages atleast spent the resources on doing invididual sites on individual domains or face the penalities in the search engines for having secondary languages on the same domain.

2) Again not true - We have perhaps the highest response rate on any Joomla component service at all - 98% of all forum posts are answered within 24 hours.

You review isnt a real review and its factually wrong - But i do see you have a tendenacy in making these 1 star reviews in this style.

byJomExp, October 24, 2010
Sorry I have to say but most of the reviews are true. The software is full of bug.

Not ready to work with.

A lot of the bugs are big bugs. With every update new bugs raising up--Thats poor! If someone has brought this paid but buggy component to work- congratulations!! U got great coding skills to fix the bugs and pay money for doing bugfixing by yourself!

I don´t think that there will be a stable version by time. Statements like: "Oh sorry, I forgott to put in some code, you will find an update within the next weeks" are a bit awfull for a paid component- You got updates for updates and have to fix some bugs manually. Take a look at the forum- A lot of problems all around!

Nevertheless, if you got this component already to work- never do an update- This will destroy a lot- Maybe the devs should think about why there are so many negative reviews. Shouldn´t they?!

Sorry I have to say, but I just want to make sure that others don´t waste its money. Maybe in a few years the component is ready for selling, but within this beta-phase for such a buggy software it´s hard to pay money. Small bugs are ok. But the same problems since a few months, and a very very poor and oldversioned documentation (Look at the screenshots of the documentation)are a big problem. I tried it for months to bring it to work, but it is kinda fulltime job to fix bugs and configure the very hard to understandable backend. Try and error. Thats what you have to do!

One more thing: I´m an experienced joomla (Mambo) user since several years now, but this is hard to give it a try and pay money for this
Owner's reply

There is a few bugs here and there when you make new features - sure thats how it works for all.

But there is absolutely not the level of bugs or problems you refer to its simply not true and if you are experienced with Joomla there is no way you could spent months and not get it working we teach new customers how to work with redEVENT on cooperate level in a few hours - so to use months on not getting it to work would be quite unrealistic.

We have redEVENT running sites for some of the largest cooperations in our country and some global companies too that use it for customer extranets etc. with the integration to redMEMBER.

We have redEVENT running on sites like which is a joint portal for 40 education institutions that cover more than 50.000 students per year - we have it running that runs more then 3000 attendees per year through it too etc. etc. our examples are many and not a single of these sites have issues, problems or bugs.

Yes the manual may be a bit behind because we make so many new features but that doesnt change the fact that your review is completely unrealistic and i would imagine you never really tried redEVENT for real - or else you would simply not be making this kind of review.

redEVENT is one of the most flexible and dynamic featurerich event systems for Joomla ever and it integrations to redMEMBER, Jomsocial and through redFORM and redMEMBER to redCOMPETITION, redLIST etc. you can create dynamic fields and completely redo how you want it to work and why.