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byJon621, May 2, 2011
Simple Wiki Linker
This plugin works like it's supposed to, and I'm always pleased to see J1.6 support.

It's limited when it comes to the types of custom wikis it supports. For this, it simply appends "/wiki/" and then your search term (including "Special:Search/" if you select the "Search" linking method) to your custom wiki URL. This works if you're using Mediawiki (or I assume it works), but for something else like Tiki, it would be nice to be able to customize the output.

To make it work with a Tiki site, I ended up editing the plugin's php file to say just "/" instead of "/wiki/", and selected "direct link" linking method in the plugin's settings. Works like a charm.

On a side note, I really wish that there was a way to embed a wiki into a Joomla site.
Owner's reply

thank you for the review.

the /wiki/ subdirectory was removed in the latest version of the plugin.